Amendment to Weekly Crew Change Agreement between Canadian Pacific Railway and Teamsters Canada Rail Conference Conductors/Trainpersons/Locomotive Engineers Division 356 Governing Weekly Placement Procedures at Red Deer Terminal



Amend item 8, 9, 13 and 21 as follows:


8)      The company will post job abolishments, by 1200 on Tuesday and will post annual vacation vacancies or any other known claimable vacancies, by 1400 on Thursday at the Red Deer terminal. A toll free number voicing these vacancies will also be made available to assist employees in this process.


9)      Bulletins advertising permanent vacancies or new assignments will be posted

consistent with existing practices and in line with the collective agreements. Applications for permanent vacancies or new assignments will be awarded as per collective agreements and subsequent weekly vacancies filled as per the weekly placement process.


13) Subject to the Collective Agreement, the latest Weekly Placement Bid Sheet

on file will be used to award claimable vacancies for the following weekly crew change period. If a change of card bid is submitted a weekly placement bid must also be submitted.


21) Employees will not be permitted to move from one permanent job to another

permanent job, unless displaced and bid as a permanent job, as per weekly

placement process. Permanent and Temporary vacancies created by pool

adjustments will be filled as per weekly placement process.


All other provisions apply as per main agreement including notice to review.


Signed the ___day of ___________2006.


For the Company: For the Union:


______________ ________________

R. Merritt M.D. Ropchan

Manager Operations Local Chairman

Edmonton/Red Deer TCRC CTY


_______________ ________________

B. Jacobs A. Werbiski

Road Manager Local Chairman

Red Deer TCRC - LE


_______________ D. Guerin

Manager CMC