Weekly Pool Regulation Agreement


Canadian Pacific Railway


Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

Locomotive Engineers/Conductors/Trainpersons

Division 356 Red Deer



1.0  Purpose of agreement


This agreement provides a formula that will be used and adhered to for calculating and establishing the number of turns in the Locomotive Engineers and Conductors pool each week.


2.0     Coverage


Locomotive Engineers and Conductors/Trainpersons with home terminal Red Deer will be governed by the terms of this agreement.

3.0  Specific Language


3.1 Local managers of the company and local representatives of the union will access the CMA weekly pool mileage report for a seven day period starting from Thursday of the previous week to determine the number of miles charged to the Locomotive Engineers and Conductors pool. This will be done each Thursday by 1400 to coincide with item 11 of the Weekly Crew Change Agreement.


3.2 To establish the number of turns required for the Locomotive Engineers and Conductors pool the following formula will be applied. The total number of miles from each pool will be divided by seven to determine a daily average, then multiplied by thirty to establish a monthly mile average. The monthly mileage average will then be divided 4150 miles to determine the total number of turns required for each pool.


3.3 There will be no established spare board for the Locomotive Engineers at Red Deer Terminal. In consideration of this, the following formula will apply to establish the number of spare turns required and added to the Locomotive Engineers pool. The total number of pool turns established for the week (as calculated in 3.2) will be multiplied by .25 and those turns added to the Locomotive Engineers pool. In addition, the number of miles will be calculated from the trips from the assignments at Red Deer in excess of the monthly mileage maximum (calculated from a thirty-day month staring on a Sunday) and will be divided by 4150 and those turns will as well be added to the Locomotive Engineers pool.


3.4 It is understood that when these formulas are applied for each pool the result of the final calculation will most often not be a whole number (e.g.19.3).  When this happens, it is agreed that local managers of the company and local representatives of the union will determine whether that number should be rounded up or down (e.g. 19 or 20). This will be decided by taking into account the volume of traffic expected in the next week and layover between trips for each turn in the pool at the home terminal in the previous week.


3.5 An example of the calculations are shown below:                                             Pool mileage (as specified in 3.2)                                                           13886 divided by 7 x 30 divided by 4150 = 14.3                                                        Spare turns (as specified in 3.3)                                                                      14.3 x .25 = 3.5                                                                                              Excess assignment miles (as specified in 3.3)                                                6365 divided by 4150 = 1.5                                                                    The result is 14.3 Pool Conductors and 19.3 Pool Locomotive Engineers. 

4.0     Cancellation clause


This agreement is without precedent or prejudice to either party, and cannot be used for any other purpose without the expressed written consent of both parties to this agreement. This agreement can be amended, revised or cancelled upon thirty days written notice by either party.


Dated this 21st day of April 2005     


For the Company:                                             For the Union:





J. Stevens                                                         M. D. Ropchan

Manager Operations                                           Local Chairman

South Edmonton                                             TCRC - CTY




D. Hovorka                                                      J. F. Deegan

Road Manager                                                 Local Chairman

Red Deer                                                         TCRC – LE